Late last year, news broke that a first-of-its-kind sports bar dedicated to women's sports was opening in Minnesota.

Owner Gillian Hiscock got the idea for the bar when she and a group of friends went out to a Minneapolis area sports bar to watch the University of Minnesota Gophers Softball team play in the national tournament. She noticed all the TVs featured men's sports, even a cornhole tournament, but they had trouble watching the women's softball game.

On Friday, March 1, her dream came true when she opened A Bar Of Their Own, an "inclusive, family-friendly space", at 2207 Franklin Avenue E in Minneapolis.

A Bar Of Their Own Partners With Duluth's Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

This week a perfect partnership was announced when Duluth's Bent Paddle Brewing Co. released "A Beer of Their Own," a collaborative craft beer created with A Bar Of Their Own to celebrate women supporting women.

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In its news release, Bent Paddle noted that A Bar of Their Own is 100% women-owned and Bent Paddle is 50% women-owned, something both establishments are incredibly proud of, so the collaboration was a natural fit.

Jillian Hiscock says she's been involved with Bent Paddle for ten years, adding that she and her wife even got married and had their reception at Bent Paddle recently.

"A Beer Of Their Own"

"A Beer of Their Own" is described as a refreshing pale ale, "carefully crafted by the women of Bent Paddle Brewing Co, Bent Paddle Pilot Brewer, Neil Caron, and the owners of A Bar of Their Own.

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If you want to try the new brew, don't wait long as it's an exclusive limited-edition beer that will only be available while supplies last. It's available at A Bar Of Their Own and Bent Paddle Brewing Co., at 1832 W. Michigan Street in Duluth.

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