You may already have a Duluth Public Library card that allows you borrow books and enjoy all the amenities of they have to offer, so you might not be interested in upgrading to one of the two new designs.  However, if you have children, this would be a great way to put a little spark in that summer time reading interest.

There are several cool things tied into the two new library card designs.  First, there are two new designs because one is geared towards children.  It's space themed and suggests that they explore their world at the Duluth Public Library.  I use to ride my bike to the Carlton Library in the summer to get books.  It was a very old library and just loved the "old musty" smell that the building held.  I remember walking in filled with anticipation of finding a book that would fill hours of my time on the lawn chaise outside.

The second design is is more simple and features the library's logo, but both come with something new, a key tag.  If you are a Duluth resident you are eligible for a library card regardless of age, you just need to open an account with a photo ID and proof of address.  Library cards are free and if you are a current Duluth Library card holder you can upgrade to one of the new designs for free until the end of May.

You will then have access to the books at all the libraries in the city and online.  There's ebooks, toys, book club kits, downloadable free music using Freegal and of course take part in all the family friendly events the library puts on, on a weekly basis.

If you are a family on a tight budget, the services, events and the fact that books will open up a whole new world for your kids is available and all for free at the Duluth Public Library, take advantage of it!

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