The Superior Man Triathlon will take place this Sunday, August 26th. Due to road closures for the event, the Duluth Police Department has issued a traffic advisory.

The event course includes sections in the Harbor Area, Bayfront, London Road, and between Duluth and Two Harbors on Highway 61. The event begins at 6:30 with a swimming portion near Pier B Resort. Then it will transition into the biking portion which will go through downtown and a portion of I-35.

From 6:30-12:30 the following roads will be closed:

   - Harbor Drive – all lanes closed from the DECC East Gate to the Aquarium.

   - Railroad Street - all lanes closed from 5th Ave West to the Pier B complex.

   - Railroad Street - westbound lanes closed from Harbor Drive to 5th Ave. W.

   - Michigan Street – all lanes closed from 1st Ave. West to Superior Street (near 4th         Ave. East)

   - Superior Street – eastbound lanes only closed from 3rd Ave. E. to 8th Ave. E.

   - London Road – all lanes closed from 10th Ave. E. to 12th Ave. E.

   - 15th and 20th Avenues East closed from London Road to Water St.

   - 21st Avenue East – southbound (downbound) lanes closed from London Road to         Water Street. Officers will assist local traffic in accessing Water Street.

   - I-35 – the 21st Ave. E. ramps, the northbound on-ramp at 5th Ave. W., and the         southbound exit for 5th Ave. W. will be closed.


Interstate 35 Ramps:

    - The 21st Ave East I-35 ramps will be closed.

    - The 26th Avenue East I-35 ramps will remain open.

    - The northbound I-35 off-ramp and southbound I-35 on-ramp at 5th Ave. West will         remain open.


There will be a coned lane for athletes on bicycles only on:

   - The east side of 5th Ave. West, between Michigan St. and the Aquarium

   - The lower (south) side of London Road from 12th Ave. E. to15th Ave. E,

   - The lower (south) side of London Road from 20th Ave. E. to 21st Ave. E.,

   - The lower (south) side of London Road from 26th Ave. E. to the Highway 61         Expressway.

During the running section of the race that goes until approximately 3pm, Railroad Street and Harbor Drive will remain closed.

Really, it's just best to stay out of that area on Sunday unless you are participating.  If you do need to go to the DECC, Canal Park, or Bayfront, you can still get to it using Lake Avenue.

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