UPDATE: the Duluth Police Department has located the two suspects. In a statement, they say they are "grateful for the community's continued partnership to help identify persons who are committing crimes in our community" to make the Twin Ports safer. 

Can you help? The Duluth Police Department says they need the public's help identifying two individuals involved in a theft over the summer.

It is not uncommon for police departments or similar organizations to ask for the public's help on social media, as we all know that social media is a great means of crowdsourcing information. Because so many people are on sites like Facebook, it is likely that someone who knows something will see a post.

For example, the Duluth Police Department asked for help identifying a handful of individuals involved in an incident in early October. Three males threw a scooter off the Aerial Lift Bridge and were caught on camera doing so. They asked if anyone could help identify any of the people involved.

Now, the Duluth Police Department is hoping that the public can help again, this time in relation to a theft that happened at a local apartment complex over the summer.

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According to the Duluth Police Department, the two individuals in the photo below are wanted in relation to a theft. The DPD says the two individuals in the photo stole things from two different apartment complexes in late August.

The thefts happened at the Bluestone Lofts and the Bluestone Vue. They say the items stolen include different types of tools, a bike rack and a mountain bike. The thefts happened in the middle of the night, between about 3 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

No other details were given regarding the theft but you can make out the two individuals pretty well in the photo provided. One is a female with blonde hair and a blue sweater. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and although she is wearing a mask, if you know her, you will be able to recognize her from the photo.

The other suspect is also sporting a mask and glasses. If you know him, you will also be able to recognize him as well. He was spotted wearing tennis shoes, a gray shirt and jeans.

Courtesy of Duluth Police Department
Courtesy of Duluth Police Department

It should be noted that this isn't the first time that the Duluth Police Department has asked the public for help finding out who these two people are. According to their post, which was shared on Facebook Thursday (November 18), they shared the same photos back in August in hopes of finding out who the two individuals were.

They say they got several tips from the community but when they went to follow up on the tips, they weren't able to reach the people who provided the information. Now, they are hoping the community can help again and that they will be able to follow through.

If you can help, you are asked to contact the Duluth Police Department at 218-730-5604. That will put you in contact with someone from the Property & Financial Crimes Unit. Hopefully, someone knows something and can finally help put this case to rest.

Just last month, the Duluth Police Department was looking for the people who vandalized the Union Gospel Mission. It makes me sad that people have nothing better to do than vandalize, steal and hurt others, especially after the rough few years it has been for everyone amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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