What season is it again?! It is apparently spring but sadly, Mother Nature did not get that memo.

Yup - the Northland saw even more snow over the weekend. While it will melt quickly and was just a freak moment of nature, we can't help but laugh at this point.

Thankfully, meteorologists across Minnesota are also laughing, even if they are crying inside. Meteorologist Justin Liles is one of them.

The Chief Meteorologist at WDIO found some humor in the situation, tweeting a photo and HILARIOUS caption on Sunday. Check it out below:

I haven't stopped laughing since I first saw the tweet. Too funny!

Poor meteorologists take the brunt of the angry Minnesotans when it continues to snow into the end of May but I am glad to see they still have their sense of humor.

The snow we saw earlier this month made it the snowiest May on record for Duluth. This is just the icing on the cake. Ha!

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