Talk about a story that pulls at your heartstrings. We talk with Nicole from Animal Allies each week and feature a pet of the week. It's not very often that we feature a puppy or a kitten because they usually get adopted quickly. This cute kitten though has some special needs.

Animal Allies
Animal Allies

Ponyboy is a 6-month-old kitten currently strolling around in the lobby at Animal Allies. Nicole describes is a smart, friendly, and playful kitten. He absolutely loves attention from anyone willing to dote upon him. He loves to sit on your shoulders and will jump in your arms to snuggle.

Ponyboy is a domestic short hair with orange/white hair. As you can see he's absolutely adorable.

Ponyboy has a heart condition. He came in as a stray kitten to Animal Allies. The medical team always does an evaluation and other care for the kittens. This is when they noticed the condition. They do have him on beta blockers for his heart and it is helping. However, this condition is not curable, and it's anyone's guess how long Ponyboy is going to be around.

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That's why it's so important that he can get the quality of life he deserves in his own home. Nicole says he's already living the most out of the time he has. He's playful, fun, and super-loving. The staff is really going to miss him when he does get adopted, but they know he will do better in his own home.

You can schedule an appointment to meet Ponyboy by calling Animal Allies at 218-722-5341. Ponyboy's adoption fee is $100. The fees go to help the expensive cost of caring for animals at the shelter.

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