The Duluth Fire Department responded to a call in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood shortly after 11am on Thursday July, 9. An RV was engulfed in flames, and police had streets blocked off as far as a block away from the fire. The fire was in the alley of the 1700 block of West Superior Street. Several cars were also damaged in the fire. According to KBJR 6, the fire was in the parking lot behind Peerless Auto and Get Hooked Towing.

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A plume of dark black smoke could be seen for miles. The fire department was using a ladder truck to get above the fire and extinguish it. The fire truck was on Superior Street, reaching over the incline of the hill to get to the alley

I happened to be leaving work on lunch and saw the plume of smoke on the way home from downtown. I was careful to keep my distance from emergency vehicles to walk several blocks to take some photos. I can tell you first hand how toxic that smoke smelled.

When I arrived police were keeping people far away from the fire (as they should), because there was a worry that adjacent propane tanks may catch fire. However, it's understood that the fire department was able to suppress the fire.

I was able to capture the following images from Superior Street.

Duluth Fire July 9 2020

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