A new park will soon line the shore of the St. Louis River. It is set to be located just below Spirit Mountain on Tallas Island.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, it will feature a "universally accessible" canoe and kayak launch, making it easier for everyone to get into the water. The park will be dedicated to non-motorized watercraft.

The idea of the new park was voted down by the Duluth's Parks and Recreation Commission just a few weeks ago. Duluth City Council members approved the idea Monday night.

Several area residents spoke about the proposed park at the meeting.

A 25-year resident of a nearby neighborhood said he opposed the park because it would harm the area's ecosystem and there are other areas for the paddle launch to be constructed that wouldn't hurt anything. Several others spoke up and cited similar reasons for their opposition.

Some who attended the meeting were in support of the new park, including a member of Duluth Climbers Coalition. The citizen stated that he doesn't want to do any harm to Duluth's natural spaces but feels the park has been carefully thought out and offers something for everyone, especially children.

Another Duluth resident, who was paralyzed in a ski accident, also voiced his support for the park, citing how hard it is to find easily accessible and safe areas for him to get back into the water.

Others continued to make statements for and against the plan. You can watch the full city council meeting here. The debate starts around the 10 minute mark and wraps around one hour and thirty minutes.

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