Well, this is something.

I saw this story and couldn't believe that this actually happened. Alas, it did.

According to a Mankato news station, a local man was arrested Saturday night and our favorite snack is kind of to blame.

A 21-year-old named Dylan Bradley Madden broke into a home after midnight through an unlocked garage. Instead of stealing something or getting away with some goods, he proceeded to make chicken nuggets.

These weren't just any chicken nuggets. Other online resources say they were 'children's chicken nuggets.' This is important information. Many believe the dinosaur-shaped and/or other shaped nuggets are better than the regular kind. It seems our burglar agrees.

Thankfully, no one was injured. The homeowner called the cops when he spotted Madden going in on the snack.

Other outlets report the burglar appeared to be under the influence of some sort. He has since been charged with first degree burglary.

I don't eat chicken nuggets but I do understand the craving for junk food. In my opinion, it probably would have been easier to get a ride to McDonald's. That way he could have had the full meal, complete with a soda and fries.

Nevertheless, I hope he saved some for everyone.


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