Recently it seemed the entire country was excited to celebrate national treasure Betty White turning 100 years old. Sadly, Betty passed just weeks before her January 17 birthday.

Now, a little closer to home, another special woman is about to turn 100 years-old on that same January 17 date and her community is encouraging everyone to send her birthday cards to celebrate. This is something we can all get behind!

The Rice Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce introduced everyone to Gladys Monday their Facebook page, when they also announced their fun drive to get cards sent to her at her assisted living facility:

Chamber Member Care Partners Assisted Living has asked us to share the below post. They have a Resident turning 100 Years Old on January 17th!! They would love to collect 100 cards for her. Please send her a birthday card to: Gladys H, Care Partners, 1639 Kern Ave, Rice Lake, 54868.

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As you can see from their post, the goal is to get 100 cards sent to Gladys to celebrate her big day. However, I'm thinking we can do so much better. Why not get Gladys 1,000 cards?  How about 10,000?

I think we need to get as many cards to Gladys as humanely possible, so please drop one in the mail if you can and then share this with everyone you know through Facebook and all other social media. How fun would it be to have a massive amount of cards sent to Gladys from all over the world?

Rice Lake, Wisconsin is less than two hours from the Duluth/Superior area so I bet the Northland can play a big part in her having an amazing centennial! Let's get everyone involved. Kids could make cards and classrooms could also quickly get on board.

Again, send cards to:
Gladys H.
Care Partners Assisted Living

1639 Kern Ave.
Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868

Happy Birthday Gladys!

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