The City of Duluth is very good to it's Senior Citizens.  They're looking to honor Senior Citizens locally and in the surrounding area, who are reaching or have reached the young-at-heart age of 100 and beyond! 

During the annual Senior Expo they'll be celebrating seniors who have had their 100 Year Birthday Party and beyond.  The festivities will take place on Wednesday, October 5, at 10:00 am in South Pioneer Hall at the DECC. This year, 9 individuals have reached the golden age to celebrate.  Mayor Emily Larson will be on hand to present a certificate of honor from the City of Duluth and of course birthday cake and coffee will be served! (I bet you'll hear the infamous birthday song too).

According to a City of Duluth press release, the following will be recognized at the event:
Thelma Kortkamp – age 100
Anna Maloney – age 101
Viola Miller – age 103
Viola Nelson – age 102
Janet Petersen – age 102
Margaret Rathe – age 102
Marian Olive Rotondi – age 100
Helen Slordal – age 102
Martha Westlund – age 101

This is one time that telling your age has it's benefits!  The event is open to the public but I suggest you get to Pioneer Hall by 9:30a to get a good seat.  The Chmielewski Funtime Band will be performing at that time, then after the party the Bluewater Big Band will entertain.  and explore the exhibits and other entertaining features of the Duluth Senior Expo.

Congratulations to our local Centenarians, enjoy your celebration!

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