I'll have to admit, I've gotten  caught up with all these doomsday shows like "Doomsday Preppers," "Doomsday Bunkers," etc.   The other night the final straw was when I watched on NatGeo Tv's When Aliens Attack.  It was a show that was about what would happen if we were attacked by aliens.

I immediately began devising a plan to keep my family safe during an apocalyptic event.  Yes I know I'm crazy, but here's what I'm going to do.

1.  Get out of the city. Basically to start, we need to figure out where we are going to go.  The best chance of survival is away from large populated areas.  My only plan so far, is to head for the hunting shack.  We could hunt and fish for f0od.  There's plenty of woods and rescources for us there.  Hardest obstacle will be to get there.  We'd have to avoid highways such as 53, the bridges, 1-35, etc.  They would surely be traffic jammed.

2.  Stock up on ammo. Once the sh*t hits the fan, it will be too late to get bullets.  That's why I'm going to start buying an extra box of ammo here and there.  It's expensive, so I'm not going to go crazy or anything all at once.

3.  One Word:  Spam. Ok, I'll buy more than spam, but the point is to have canned foods ready to go.  Canned foods are easy to transport, obviously don't spoil, and are pretty cost effective to pick up.

4.  Extra Gas:  I hope to get at least 15-20 extra gallons of gas.  Yeah a lot more would be better, but remember I have to bring this with me.

5.  Tools.  I"m gonna grab a couple of tool boxes with basic tools.  They'll come in handy.  A hammer can be a lifesaver.

6.  Batteries And Flashlights. Pretty much anything you can think of that you would need camping, you're going to need during a doomsday situation.  The only difference is you'll need a lot more.

7.   Guns. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier, but it's pretty obvious.  I'll bring every gun I can bring, but probably keep the 12 gauge nearby.

8.  If you have a boat, use it! In a worse case scenerio, luckily we live on a great big lake.  If you've got a big enough boat, you could get out of the city and cruise up the north shore, or maybe get to the apostle islands.