I was leaving the office last week when I saw my coworker chatting with another coworker at our front desk. I made fun of him because he said he was leaving about ten minutes prior to that. It was then it hit me that I am guilty of doing the exact same thing.

This is known as the 'Minnesota goodbye' and I think it is more than a myth. I find myself doing this constantly, even when I am in the Starbucks drive thru. What gives? It turns out it is just in our Minnesota blood.

Pop culture website Urban Dictionary describes it this way:

The act applying to most Minnesotans while visiting others in which, when one person has to leave, they proceed to talk for another hour, then the departing party is walked to the front door, where they talk for another hour, then the departing party gets walked to their car while the host family talks to them through the car window for an hour, and finally the departing couple SLOWLY departs down the drive, yelling back & forth with the host family.


This is a perfectly accurate depiction of the Minnesota goodbye.

I am cracking up. Next time one of my friends comes to visit, i'm going to bring this up and see if they notice. AND next time I say goodbye to someone, I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum, even though the Minnesota goodbye is all I know.

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