This has been the single biggest snow event that I remember since the famous Halloween Blizzard. Funny thing is, I didn't get stuck and snowed in for days on end on that one. This really was the perfect storm to get you trapped in your home. Heavy, wet, and a lot of snow that basically turned to concrete.  The no travel advisory started Saturday afternoon. Boy am I glad I listened to that and stayed home, rather than going to a family function. I would have still been lost. Here it is Tuesday morning just after 9am, and I am still stuck at home.

I know for a fact that city of Superior crews are working shift work around the clock to clear things up. Just this morning at 7:40am, I saw the first plow truck of the event. It finally came down our street and cleared our avenue. But, no sight of any dozer yet to clear out the alley. My wife's AWD car is in the garage adjacent to an alley that has 3-4 foot drifts. My 4 wheel drive truck is useless. You can't get through snow if it's over your bumper for very far.

This event is a great reminder that we take a lot of things for granted. Thank God we had extra food on hand and some meat in the freezer. Original forecasts were calling 6-12 inches. Even when it said 10-16 I didn't think it would cripple the city for as long as it did. Our neighbors and I made a futile attempt to shovel out our alley yesterday. The snow was just too heavy, and a vehicle had gotten stuck at the end causing it to turn into hard packed irremovable snow. Storms like this remind us to be prepared. They also bring the neighborhoods together. I met neighbors for the first time during this snowfall. A group of us helped shovel out an elderly neighbor. The weather can bring us together, maybe even if it's just because we're all stuck together.

Hopefully the plow will come soon through the alley. I've been popping my head out the window every time I hear a beep in hoping it's a rescue.




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