It was a trying several days for Bentleyville organizers, who were forced to close due to the recent blizzard.  After getting the help they needed from the community, they are ready to light the lights once again.

Bentlelyville announced the news Tuesday afternoon on their Facebook page:

The lights will be on tonight @ 5! Special 'Thanks' to everyone who helped us shovel out!

For those who need wheelchair access to the park, there may be some difficult spots to move around, but we are working on the pathways each day and will make them better for all.

Don't forget to bring a non-perishable food item or new unwrapped toy for the donation drive - Thanks!

Was there ever a doubt that a hard working, caring Northland community would ever let the Bentleyville Tour Of Lights remain dark for long?  This is terrific news for the community and for visitors to the area.

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