I was scheduled to interview a culinary student at East High School on his recent accolade of winning a regional competition.  I was told to park in the lot by the school but noticed there was a sticker in all the other cars.  I did as I was told, but "lost" my car. Here's my story.

I had thought we were just going to shoot the video interview and leave, but we spent quite a bit of time on that and soon Malcolm and Chef D'Amour had to take a break and make lunch for the guests at the Food For Thought Cafe.  Rather than hurry through the rest of the interview, we were invited to enjoy lunch.  I went to my car while lunch was being prepared to get tip money for the students and as I walked down the aisle (in the rain), I couldn't find it, I walked all the way to the end of the row.  Nope, gone.  I went in and told my camera guy, Josh that my car was gone.  He asked me "are you sure" about 10 times and I asked Jill, the manager of the cafe if there was a police liaison at the school.  Officer Stauber came to talk with me with a sly smile on his face (which I found out later was a "she is crazy" smile).  I asked if they had towed my car because it didn't have a sticker.  He asked if it was green and I immediately thought, oh good, they have it.  I told him it was and he said, "no, we didn't move your car".  So I went back to thinking it could have been stolen.  I think I was handling the situation well because I wasn't totally freaking out.  We ate a very delicious lunch and afterwards Josh said he would go look.  He found it.  Apparently, I wasn't paying attention when we walked in the first time and had ventured down the wrong row.  DUH!  But, that does pose the question as to where a visitor parks at East High School since the other cars had parking stickers.  I know that the school is in a very residential area and many of the street parking is for them, apparently that is the topic of discussion by the City of Duluth Parking Services.  will be hosting a community forum on They want the to know if there should be changes made to the East High School Residential Permit Parking Zone.  If you want a say, attend their meeting on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the East High School Media Center, 301 N. 40th Ave East. They plan to take info from the meeting and will do a  presentation to the Duluth Parking Commission on June 2.  That will eventually lead to a
potential vote by the Duluth City Council.  If you have questions, you can direct them to
Mark Bauer at (218) 730-5177.

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