I can cook if it comes in a box and there's instructions.  I have always been in awe of chefs that just pour, taste, season and use words like demi glaze and balsamic vinegar reduction.  I was hoping reduction meant taking the calories out, but that's a no go.  We as a community should be so proud of one culinary student at East High School and there's a place you can go to eat the deliciousness that he and the other culinary students have prepared.

Meet Malcolm H. of East High School.  He had taken a class that he thought he might just fluff through to get credits and it turned into what appears to be a life long passion.  With the ambition he is pursuing his dream, I expect to see him cooking at only the finest restaurants.  Under the direction of Chef Glenn D'Amour, Malcolm was recently in the cities competing in the Minnesota Skills USA competition and won first place.  He now moves on to Nationals and if he wins there, it's Worlds!  After a short interview and spending time with Malcolm in the kitchen you understand why he is at the top of his culinary game.

More about the Food For Though Restaurant:

As you can see by the picture above the food served at the restaurant is gourmet and simply fabulous.  Honestly, watching the students in grades 9th-12th work together to prepare the meals for the lunch crowd was amazing.  They worked together smoothly, each knowing what their job was and helping out their classmates when needed.  I was very impressed.  Plus, the money that is made from the restaurant after cost is used for the students field trips and to go to competition, so your support is need to further their success.

All the culinary students invite you to the "only student operated restaurant in Duluth".  The Food For Thought Restaurant is open to the public and located at East High School, 301 North 40th Avenue East.  You do need to make reservations in advance as they can easily fill their available seating area. Do so by calling 218.336.8845 Ext. 4055.  Here's what you need to tell them when leaving a message:

  • Day and date of your reservation
  • Name the reservation will be under
  • Number of people in your party
  • Your contact phone number
  • Pre-order from the menu and weekly specials
  • If you are ordering steak, please include how you would like it prepared
  • Any special dietary needs if applicable
  • Only cash and checks are accepted
  • You will receive a confirmation phone call

To Chef Glenn, Jill the Restaurant Manager and all the culinary students of the Food For Thought Restaurant:  Our time spent with you in the kitchen while you were preparing the meals and while we were in the restaurant being served French Crusted Rack of Pork was amazing and impressive.  To compliment the food was the personalities that were bright, inviting and a pleasure to be around.  Thank you for a most enjoyable lunch!

Chef Glenn, congrats on putting together a program that the kids obviously enjoy and the community can support wholeheartedly!~Cathy Kates

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