As the relentless rain continues to fall in the Northland, our partners with the Northland's News Center are reporting that tonight the Northland will continue to see severe weather moving throughout our region dropping copious amounts of rain with each passing system. Heavy flooding has already been reported and will continue with hourly rainfall between 3-4 inches. In any event of a water covered road, notify emergency management and turn around avoiding any and all flooded roads.

Local authorities are advising against any travel unless in an emergency as water covered roads can pose a tremendous threat to travelers.  The Minnesota State Patrol has closed State Highway 61 between Duluth and Two Harbors, and also at the Silver Creek Tunnel, because of flooding from heavy rain this evening.  I am seeing photos of flooded roads as well as friends suffering from flooded basements and hopefully this will end sooner than anticipated.

As it stands right now, heavy rain is still possible into Wednesday morning before it tapers off into Wednesday afternoon.  Once we get to Wednesday night, we should be in for a much drier stretch so maybe our yards and houses can dry out by Labor Day.

Be careful.