"What do you have planned for me for Mother's Day," my wife asked me this last Sunday afternoon.  This was like getting hit by a bus in a blind intersection.  I have to plan something?  A gift isn't enough?  Apparently I need to step up my game.  So I've put together a list of Do's & Don'ts when it comes to Mother's Day gifts.

Do:  Wake up early with the kids, let her sleep in.  Don't: wake up late hungover from staying up late drinking beer and watching Saturday Night live.

Do:  Make her breakfast in bedDon't: Forget you were supposed to go shopping and serve her fruit loops & coffee without her favorite creamer.

Do:  Plan a fun picnic.  Don't:  Drive through a fast food place and use a coupon.

Do:  Let her go to Target by herself.  Mom's love target.  Don't:  Bring her tire shopping at Walmart.

Do:  Give her a nice dinner.  Don't:  Ask what's for dinner.

Do:  Put the kids to bed.  Don't:  Fall asleep on the couch before it's the kids bed time.

Do:  Give her a massage.  Don't:  Expect the massage to lead to anything else.

Do:  Compliment her on how beautiful she is.  Don't:  Point out the fact she's been wearing sweatpants all day.

Do:  Plan Mother's day now.  Don't:  Forget until Sunday afternoon.





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