This is not good.

The Cloquet Police Department says they have seen an increase in counterfeit bills the past few months.

In a post issued to their Facebook page Sunday afternoon, Cloquet PD says they had recently recovered a counterfeit twenty dollar bill from a business in the area. What makes this scary is the fact that it's not a standalone incident.

They continued, writing the bill is "just one of many we have received over the past few months including counterfeit one hundred dollar bills." Yikes.

The Cloquet Police Department also warns residents to use caution when accepting cash, whether it be to make a purchase or receiving cash from another individual, like you would if you were selling items after a spring cleaning binge for example.

Here is the post from the CPD, with one example of what they are seeing:

There always seems to be a scam going on around the Northland so it is always good to take a few extra moments and check things out to avoid yourself the hassle of becoming a victim later.

Just last month, the Cloquet Police Department asked for the public's help in identifying a man involved in an incident at the Auto Spa Car Wash.

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