Right as I was going to bed last night I checked my Facebook one more time and I saw the bad news: Zup's in Cook was up in flames. My heart sank immediately, as this place is a very important part of the community. I had hoped that maybe the fire would have been minor, but this morning I woke up to the WDIO story saying it's considered a total loss.

Luckily the store was closed and no one was injured in the fire, but this is still a shock to the community. Cook Zup's is really the only grocery store for miles. When we are up at our family's hunting property nearby, we frequently would make trips into Zup's for food and items. Now it will be a 30 minute drive to the nearest grocery store.

My worry now is that the Zupanich family may not rebuild and reopen. You really couldn't blame them either. The grocery business has been changing. In the last few years a super Walmart with a grocery section opened up in Mountain Iron, a brand new discount ALDI store has opened up in Virginia, and for years tourists visiting Lake Vermilion have hauled their groceries with them from their home grocery store.

Hopefully the community can come together and help out this store. It really is the lifeblood of the community.




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