I'm not going to reveal the fast food restaurant we were at but maybe you can figure it out based on the same frustration we had while dining there.  It had to do with placement of the condiments in regards to the beverages.  Do they just plop the stuff on the counter and not "go with the flow" to see if it works well?

I've always been one to watch for design flaws, just like I look for flaws in movies.  Even our own building had a design flaw when it was first remodeled.  In the women's restroom the coat hook was placed in the stall in such a fashion that you could have taken an eye out when you bent over to sit down, it's since been remedied.

While out for lunch the other day we decided to go to a local fast food restaurant.  After we got our food we went to the beverage dispenser to get our sodas.  Usually, after you get your ice in your cup and then fill it with liquid you go for a cover, then your straw.  At this particular location the ketchup was inappropriately placed between the cup covers and the straws.  Thus, causing chaos as several people during the busy lunch hour was trying to get their beverages while others were busy getting their ketchup and napkins.

Petty, I know, but a very easy fix.  Simply move the ketchup dispenser to the end of the counter leaving all of the items needed for beverages together in one area.  Yes, I could have said something, but who am I to ask for a manager and make the suggestion.  I would think that is something thought about by their management at the Corporate level.  After all, it seem that companies are in the habit of monitoring our purchasing habits, why wouldn't they also monitor the beverage and condiment counter?  Have you had the same frustration?

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