It's not exactly cold right now but it will be in Minnesota eventually! Either way, the popular Cold Front Duluth event is officially coming back for 2024. This year, it will be held on Saturday, February 3rd. The event celebrates and embraces winter and all fun outdoor activities that take place during the season.

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Cold Front Duluth is a free and family friendly celebration of all things winter. It takes place at Bayfront Festival Park and goes from noon to 6 p.m. There will be fun activities and food available to buy from Grandma's Saloon & Grill.

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Con Tanasiuk / Design Pics
Con Tanasiuk / Design Pics

You can check out a full schedule of events online via the event website. Events include but are not limited to:

  • Snow play
  • Youth dog sled rides
  • Bonfires
  • Curling
  • Ice skating
  • Luge sledding hill
  • XC Skiing
  • Fat bike demos
  • Snowshoe kickball
  • Bonfire with s'mores
  • The Spin Collective fire spinners

Parking for the event is also free. There are paths from the parking lot to the event but please note they are sloped in areas. There are no stairs to the event area so plan accordingly. Conditions of this path do depend on the weather.

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If things continue as they have been so far this winter, we won't have to worry too much about the weather. We may see one of our snowiest winters ever and at the time of writing, we really haven't seen a terribly cold day just yet.

The 15 Least Snowy Winters On Record In Duluth History

Since the National Weather Service began keeping weather records in Duluth in the late 1800s, here are the 15 winters with the lowest snowfall totals on historical record.

It is worth noting that the official records from 1941-today have been recorded at the area now known as the Duluth International Airport (away from the lake, on top of the hill). Before then, various locations closer to Lake Superior had been used for official weather recording data. For anyone that knows anything about how Lake Superior and the hill play a role in temperature and snow, you can see how this makes older records inherently different.

While these records note the "least snowy winters", they actually include all seasonal snowfall from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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