It is almost time for school to start back up again and with that comes a lot of responsibilities.

You have to buy school supplies and books and such and that can get expensive as well.

One local salon knows that things can be stressful and money tight this time of year and therefore, are doing something to help out.

On Sunday, August 26th, Nu Luxe Salon is offering free haircuts to kids heading back to school. You can snag a free cut beginning at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that afternoon only.

You can not make an appointment ahead of time and you can get a haircut only. A wash and style is not included.

They ask that you make sure your child arrives at the salon with clean and dry hair so they can get the best service possible.

Again, this is for school age children only. Kids will not only walk away with a clean cut but they will also get a small goody bag filled with treats.

Nu Luxe Salon is located at 902 Highway 33 South in Cloquet.

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