We are in a stretch of the hottest weather we have seen so far in the Northland, and it can be dangerous. Many people underestimate how fast a car can get hot. The Cloquet Police Department has posted a heat index chart on their Facebook page showing just how fast it can be come deadly, even if you crack the window.

For example, even at 70 degrees, within 30 minutes your car can get up to 104 degrees.  That's hot! Today it's supposed to hit 85 degrees, and within 10 minutes your car will heat up to 104 degrees.

Please, don't leave your pets in the car. We also hear about the horrible tragedies when parents forget their child sleeping in the back seat. It may sound ridiculous but as a tired parent any type of change with your morning routine could make this possible. Remember to leave something important, such as your wallet or your phone in the back seat to make sure you're always checking back there on hot days.


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