This is a good reminder from the Cloquet Police Department: always lock your doors.

According to a post put out by the Cloquet Police Department on Facebook Friday (August 23rd), vehicle prowls have been on the increase lately. Here's what they had to say:

We have been having numerous vehicle prowls in the area recently. We would like to remind everyone to please make sure you’re locking the doors to your vehicles. Through our investigations, we have recovered some property we believe to have been stolen. Please check your vehicles and see if you are missing any items.

It may seem like common sense but sometimes we forget or trust that nothing will happen if we leave our doors unlocked. However, as proven by this Facebook post, it is way better to be safe than sorry.

This was also a problem back in March, when the Cloquet Police Department also warned about increasing vehicle prowls. I guess weather really doesn't play too much of a part in this crime so lock your doors!

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