Every year in the Northland, winter weather brings road closures.  These closures are necessary because several roads are not plowed or maintained during the season.

The City of Duluth has announced the following road closures:

  • West Skyline Parkway between 100th Ave West to the city limits by Spirit Mountain
  • East Skyline Parkway 0.4 miles east of Glenwood Street to Maxwell Road
  • Seven Bridges Road from the Lakeview Chalet to Maxwell Road
  • Maxwell Road from East Skyline Parkway to Oak Street

These road closures went into effect Saturday, December 1, 2018 and will remain in effect through April 15, 2019.  City official request that the public refrain from bypassing the barricades that are in place.

Remember, the city also recently closed the Lester Park Wooden Pedestrian Bridge.  This was due to cracks in the support beams. There also is some wood rotting, and there are missing rocks from the abutment.  This closure is supposed to last into summer of 2019.


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