Every Friday on The New Breakfast Club, Ken and I talk about the terrible things we did during the week. We call this "Breakfast Club Confessions" and in the end, we decide who is the more terrible person. Spoiler alert: it is usually me.

Ken was off today so I asked Chris Allen if he would take part. I was a little scared of what he was going to say, especially because he was the subject of one of my confessions a few weeks back. (I did make it up to him, I promise).

In the end, I am glad I asked him to be part of the segment because he was the bigger jerk this week. In short - he went against our employee of the month campaign for Josh. I didn't treat my lovely Target store like I should. (I love you, Target!!)

By the way, you can watch our previous confessions here and listen live each Friday morning around 7:10!

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