When I asked if I could skate with the UMD Bulldogs, I thought that would entail me skating along the rail with them practicing behind me.  I didn't realize they were going to TEACH me their moves.

I have a completely new adoration for hockey players, no matter what age or team they are on.  Of course, I hadn't skated for years so that was half the battle, but to have to also move the puck, carry the stick and try to score made the whole endeavor increasingly difficult!  Now when I watch the Bulldogs or MN Wild play and skate as fast as they do, it just blows my mind!

I also got the chance to interview the UMD Bulldogs Assistance Coach Brett Larson.  He is from Duluth, left the area and is now back with the Dogs and I wanted to know why!?!?!

Thank you to Coach Larson and the UMD Bulldog team members that stayed after practice to skate with me, I'm sure there was a zillion things you could have been doing instead, lol!!!!