Everyone who attends a UMD Bulldogs game at Amsoil Arena knows that part of the evening will involve paying to park if you park in Duluth Entertainment Convention Center lot.

While that will still be the case this year and beyond, the DECC has announced an option that will at least allow UMD season ticket holders to save money over the course of the season.

They announced a UMD Hockey Season Ticket Holder Parking Permit, while providing details Wednesday on their Facebook page:

This coming 2022-2023 season, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) is rolling out a discounted fast lane pass for UMD Bulldog hockey fans. A new and separate “fast lane for passholders” will speed up entrance for everyone — even if you don’t have a pass. This will be a special entrance located across from the stern of the William A. Irvin where passholders will just be waved through. (Passholders are free to use any lane).

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Having a separate lane for those with this new pass will allow them to enter the parking lot quicker, while also taking them out of the line with those who don't have a pass. That's how it makes it faster for everyone.

The DECC says the cost is $100 for a 2022-2023 UMD Bulldog parking sticker. This will be good for all 23 potential UMD Men’s games, including playoffs, and 21 potential UMD Women’s games, including the 2023 Women’s Frozen Four. If you attend all the aforementioned games, you'll save $440 with the pass.

If you only attend all the men's hockey games, the pass would be the equivalent of paying $5 per game to park. Parking without pass is $10 per game, so you'd still save money in the long run. Obviously, if you're not a season ticket holder, the pass would not be a good idea.

The passes are currently only available online.

Please note that while the passes are $100, there is also a $4.25 service fee that will be added to that cost at the time of purchase.

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