I DID get a text from my adoring husband that said, "I love you every minute of every day!!!!  Not just on Valentine's Day"  Awwwww!  If I didn't feel like I had strep throat and he wasn't working the Denfeld Basketball Concessions, we would have enjoyed our Valentine's together at Spanish class, lol!  As I was checking out my Facebook, I noticed this post and thought, THIS IS THE MOST ROMANTIC MAN THOUGHT I'VE SEEN YET! 


Check out the picture. Here's the post:

James is so sweet and creative....he got this personalized so each day when I step on it , it will remind me and make me feel like I'm on the beach with him when we get married as we draw our names in the sand...two hearts that connect and become one.

OMG!  It appears that HE had that made (or made it himself) in concrete and put it in the front entry or something, so she steps on it every day!  My vote for most romantic gesture I saw/heard of this year.  Can you beat it?