Valentine's Day is Friday and you're looking to watch a romantic comedy with your sweetheart, why not watch the favorite of either Minnesota or Wisconsin? conducted a survey to determine the favorite romantic comedy for every state, using following methodology:

We surveyed 4,629 Americans, asking them to select their favorite romantic comedy from the Rotten Tomatoes’ List of Top 150 Romantic Comedies. We pulled all of the movies that were made during or after the year 2000. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. We estimate the margin of error at 1%.


After all the votes were tallied, the winner in Minnesota was 'The 40 Year Old Virgin', while 'Bridesmaids' was the favorite romantic comedy in Wisconsin.  Those two movies actually dominated across the U.S. in this survey.  You can click here to see all the results.

You can't go wrong with either movie, really.  If you aren't feeling either of these, just look up any Hugh Grant movie and you'll be good to go.

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