Lately the only fishing I've done is with Ken Hayes, my co-host.  But, we've both been so busy we haven't found time to even go for the afternoon.  However, I found that he isn't my lucky charm.  I got to go out a few times while on vacation the beginning of the month and I caught my first fish in a VERY long time.  It does come with a big fish tale of humor though!

After my husband and I got our Minnesota fishing license on-line. We took the pontoon out to fish on an iffy weather afternoon.  That's why in my picture I'm dressed for a monsoon, because at the time, there was one.  I wasn't the only one to catch a fish that outing though. Todd actually caught the first fish that day and was about to throw the little Northern back when I prompted his wife, Coleen to take a picture.  She handed me her pole and I stepped back with a fishing pole in each hand while Todd posed with his catch.  JUST as Coleen was going to snap the picture that I'm sure would have been infamous, something grabbed the line of the fishing pole in my right hand.  As it dipped I yelled "FISH ON" and everyone sprung into action.  Thus, the goofy picture of Todd, scrambling to help me by either steering the pontoon or grabbing the net.

In reality, I had caught the prop of the pontoon!  While Coleen and I laughed for the next 10 minutes on how goofy Todd looked in the picture, my husband stood on his head at the rear of the pontoon while Todd held on to him by his belt loops, trying desperately to untangle my line from the prop.  Good memories with good friends and the pontoon motor still works.

Todd's Sorta Fish Pic
Coleen Nordwall

*No Northerns were hurt during this fishing trip, both were caught and released.  I hope they grow bigger and I have the opportunity to catch them again!


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