We were SUPPOSED to go to Yellowstone.  We had been planning this vacation since the gas prices had dropped.  We nervously watched the gas prices rising but after months of planning nothing was going to stop us now, except a broken camper axle.  That prompted us to choose a much closer camping location that bears a bit of explaining.


Camp Dale is at the lake property home of Dale and Bev N.  They are our parents of our friend Todd and his wife Coleen   Todd and Coleen were going to make the trek to Yellowstone with us.  Dale and Bev have two camp sites in their yard in the Pequaywan/Brimson area that can accommodate two 5th wheel campers.

Camp Dale
Homie Kates

I was bummed we couldn't go to Yellowstone because we don't take long distance vacations very often and I really didn't know what to expect at Camp Dale, but it turned out to be one of the most memorable vacations we've ever had.  There was so many amenities at Camp Dale, a pontoon boat for fishing, two ATV's and miles of trails to ride, kayaking (major story to follow in upcoming blog with that activity!), fire pit, sauna, Hugo's Bar complete with a live band on Saturday, Friday night fish fry at the Pequaywan Inn and no rules or departure time. Plus, we got to bring Bauer the dog!  Of course the company had something to do with it and we rarely stopped laughing.

We had many adventures I want to share with you during our vacation.  We arrived on a Friday night and had dinner at the Pequaywan Inn (we were bummed because they were out of the fish fry dinner), then headed to the campers.  That's when I found out we had NO CELL OR WI-FI SERVICE.  Could I make it?  Unfortunately, I thought I could pay bills while I was on vacation and ended up trekking back the 50 minutes to Duluth to do so.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Hugo's in Brimson for their Farmer's Market and I got my first taste of Goat's Milk and actually got to meet the goat that produced it!

goats at the farmer's market in brimson
Homie Kates

The mama and her kid were adorable!!!  I wondered about the difference between drinking goat's milk or cow milk.  Here's some of the benefits according to globalhealingcenter.com:

  • Reaction to Inflammation:  One of the main benefits of goat milk is that it may benefit inflammation, especially in the intestinal area.
  • Environmentally Friendly:  Goats take up less space than a cow
  • Metabolic agent:  Goat’s milk has been linked to an increased ability to metabolize iron and copper which again assists individuals with digestion and absorption limitations.
  • Bio-availability:   Another main health benefit of goat milk, is that it is closer to human mother’s milk than cow’s milk is. Because it has a chemical make up that is much closer to human milk, it is easier to digest and assimilate in the human body.
  • Lower in Fat:   Goat’s milk has less fat, but the same amount of protein and amino acids and is rich in calcium, so it's great to drink if you're trying to lose weight.

That's just a few reasons to try goat's milk in your diet, but there are lots more.

If you're interested in goat's milk, you could call Susan E, the gal at the Brimson farmer's market that sells it at 218.461.7397.  I'm now curious about goat's cheese.  I want to see if there's any difference since there really wasn't in the taste of milk.  I'm just use to drinking skim and goat's milk was a bit thicker.

More of our vacation adventures with pics and video are to come!


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