It has been 14 years since I had a new hair style...yes, it's about time.  But, like most women, I didn't think I could get past "THAT" scary stage.  I have committed to Doug at Shear Katz Salon & Day Spa and he has committed to my hair. And, I'm committed to sharing my story and what I learn throughout the process, so I and Shear Katz Salon and Day Spa can help you....when you're ready.We started by getting rid of my 90's mullet and taking the long pieces in the back off.  Doug says, that way the hair on top of my head will look longer and it will give both to grow together.  The goal is to eventually have hair that is all one length.

While we were there, he also used some Moroccan Oil on my hair to help with dryness (darn Northland winters), and put a green hair extension in my daughter's hair because it was St. Patty's day.  Shear Katz has every color of the rainbow for hair extensions, so when you are feeling giddy, or have something to celebrate, do it with a colored hair extension...FOR FUN!


This is the FIRST transitional cut......may the growing begin (and be fast)!

Who is looking for a new style for spring and summer?  Let's do it together!!!


Live, Laugh & Love....