These pictures don't do my new hair color (right) justice.  You just can't duplicate the vibrancy of my R E D (thanks to Doug and Shear Katz Salon) in the sunlight!!!

Let me lay the background:  my heritage is unique.  Half Filipino and half Irish.  The Filipino  gives me olive skin.  Some say the Irish half gives me a bit of a temper, (I have no idea what they're talking about), what I DO know, is it gives me red highlights in my otherwise plain dark brown/black hair.

Of course, the first thing that happened, as it always does at Shear Katz, was a consultation.  Doug made sure he knew what I was looking for and that I knew what he was planning before he started.  This is your time to ask questions and together develop a game plan that will have you an ultimate winner at the end of the game!

How many times have you colored your hair?  You put color, on top of color, on top of color, don't you?  That's why the color you SEE before you color your hair, and what you end up with, are two different things.  Doug at Shear Katz is Aveda trained, experienced and knowledgeable and knew that he had to do something about the color that was ALREADY in my hair to get the ideal shade he was planning to achieve.

He placed a mixture on my hair that he says "shrunk the follicles".  In layman's terms, I say "he took the old color out, so he had a base to work from".  Either way, it has never been done before a color on my hair in the past and the outcome was a deeper, darker, richer red.  That's the kind of expertise you'll get at Shear Katz.  All that's expected of you is to sit back and relax with a cup of Aveda tea while your transformation takes place, before your eyes!

While I was processing (waiting for the color to cling to my hair follicles), Doug told me about a procedure they do at Shear Katz, the pictures were amazing!  It's called, the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment.

Shear Katz is now the first certified salon in Duluth to offer the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment! This in-salon service is superior in reducing frizz and unwanted curl, while adding strength, shine, and manageability to all types of hair. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type and home care.

Photo album of Keratin Complex Smoothing results!

I have had the opportunity to work with several fantastic employees of Shear Katz Salon and Day Spa and have enjoyed many different experiences!  Check out my other Shear Katz Salon and Day Spa blogs to learn about the massages that are relaxing and soulful.  With summer grad parties and weddings the airbrushed make-up with Jerry is MUST for any bride and her girls in the bridal party (yes, mother of the bride and groom too!)

Why wait?  Book your appointment right now by clicking  [here]!  I want to see before and after pics!!!

What's next on my agenda?  Eyelash extensions....before and after pics to come!

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