Now that news has broken about the Denver Broncos acquiring QB Joe Flacco in a trade with Baltimore, speculation has begun about what will happen to current Denver QB Case Keenum.

The obvious question Vikings fans have is whether Case Keenum would return to the Minnesota Vikings.

Keenum, of course, was a Vikings fan favorite and a gutsy leader behind the Minnesota Miracle.  It was one of the most magical games in Minnesota Vikings history during a season when everyone rallied behind Case Keenum.  Could lightning strike twice for Keenum as a Minnesota Viking?  The answer is a big, resounding no.

The main reason that Case Keenum shouldn't rejoin the Vikings is that they have $28 million guaranteed to Kirk Cousins who is only going into his second year with the team.  Whether or not you agree with the Cousins deal, the Vikings would be foolish to trade for Keenum and absorb any part of his current $36 million deal with Denver.  Not when they have an offensive line to fix.

There's a good chance Denver will release Keenum at some point, freeing him to sign a new deal with a different team, and I still say Case Keenum shouldn't be a Viking.

Let's face it, as likable as Case Keenum is, he is a career journeyman.  The Minnesota Miracle was one of the best times I've ever had watching a Vikings game.  The next week, when Keenum threw two interceptions which included a pick-six in Philadelphia?  Not so much.

Also, bringing Case Keenum back here as long as Kirk Cousins is in the quarterback room would be a major distraction and detrimental to team chemistry.  Championship teams avoid distractions and use team chemistry as a strength, just ask Patriots fans.

So, where should Case Keenum go if he can't be a Denver Bronco?  I would hope he would go somewhere to be the starting quarterback, but he'll likely be signed as a backup or end up with a team that will give him a chance to earn it in training camp.

One landing spot could be with the Washington Redskins. Alex Smith suffered a devastating leg injury late in the 2018 season and likely won't be ready to play this year, if ever again.  Another team in need of a starting quarterback are the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Both of those teams could provide Keenum a chance to start for another season at least.

As a backup, he could really go anywhere depending the deal he is willing to sign.  Perhaps if Teddy Bridgewater leaves New Orleans to get a starting opportunity elsewhere, Keenum could join the Saints to backup Drew Brees.  Think of the irony there!


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