We have it rough as Minnesota sports fans.  I've had my heart broken several times by the MN Vikings.  Look, it's easy being a Packers fan.  Try rooting for the team that consistently lets you down year after year.  Yet you open your heart again to be broken every playoff season.  That's not how it feels this year though.  I think Vikings fans have a special underdog connection with this year's team.  And it's a special feeling that may never be repeated.

It basically boils down to the QB situation.  Last year we lost Teddy.  He was our future and then he was gone.  They scrambled to get another starter grade quarterback and we got Bradford.  He lit it up in the beginning of the year and looked like we were heading for a stellar season.  We fizzled.  It was such a disappointment.

The next year he comes out guns blazing and we think we may have a shot again.  Then came the knee injury.  Who do we have left?  Case Keenum.  Who the heck is that?  A lot of us lost hope in the season.  Could we really win with our 3rd string QB?

Yep.  What an incredible underdog story.  Case Keenum has been nearly perfect and has led this team to an NFC North Championship title.  A few months ago none of us heard of this guy, and now we love him.

Let's talk about the local ties.  From Detroit Lakes we have Adam Thielen.  An undrafted wide receiver that has now become a star in the NFL.  Humble, kind, hard working.  This isn't a superstar with an ego.  This is a kid from down the road who loves football.

C.J. Ham, from Denfeld.  We've been following him as he's been working his butt of for the last few years trying to get on the Vikings active roster.  And this year he did it as fullback.  Once again hard work, patience, and perseverance.  I don't know CJ personally, but I know people who do and say that he is a man of character.

This is a team we can be proud of.  It's been an incredible season.


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