We are drooling just thinking about this. A Northland deli was just named one of the best in the entire country!

Food Network compiled a list of the best delis in America by state. Minnesota's best deli is right here in Duluth - the Northern Waters Smokehaus! The deli is located in Canal Park at 394 South Lake Avenue.

The deli is known for their fresh fish and unique sandwiches and just looking at their menu makes us hungry. Here's what Food Network has to say about it:

A selection of smoked fish — along with smoked meats and charcuterie — lures the crowds to Northern Waters Smokehouse, which is set on the banks of Lake Superior. The most-popular dish on the menu is the Cajun Finn. Smoked salmon with Cajun seasoning, scallion cream cheese, sliced roasted red peppers, sliced pepperoncini and mixed greens are all held together by a fresh-baked stirato roll. It’s perfect for an impromptu alfresco lunch on the North Shore.

Enough said. Their menu includes well over thirty different types of deli sandwiches and treats to choose from. They also have salads and house-made sides. Clubhaus, anyone?

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