It was 5 years ago that the rain started to fall and continued until there was between 7 and 9 inches in less than 24 hours.  I remember driving to work thinking nothing of it until I started to see pictures of huge sink holes, big enough to swallow a whole car.  It lead to days without power for some residents, the Lake Superior Zoo lost animals and Jay Cooke State Park will never be the same. 

My family had a hard time coming to pick me up at the radio station, every road they tried to take was blocked, either by water, a mudslide or authorities.  Just as I was thinking I might be stuck at the radio station for hours, they found a back way to me.

It was also the year my daughter Kylee graduated from high school and her grad party was coming up at the end of the month.  She had chosen our egg rolls to serve at the party and it was the day we needed to get to the Twin Cities to pick up a case of egg roll wrappers by 6p.  We needed to make 300 egg rolls for her grad party.  It got very hot that afternoon and as we tried to get out of town we had to take back roads through Esko, Carlton, Mahtowa because I-35 was closed.  We finally got on to I-35 in Barnum.

The Northland felt the aftermath of that day for months and still do to this day in some areas.  While it was hard to fathom what had happened, we pulled together as a community, helped each other out with clean up and persevered. These photos will bring you back to that devastating storm with a reminder of what we went through.

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