Yesterday was one of those days where I said, screw eating healthy.  I'm gonna get a whopper.  So a friend and I went to Burger King down the street.  We stood in line looking at the menu board with drool coming out of the corner of our mouths when we saw it:  the FOUR CHEESE WHOPPER!  Angels began to sing, I felt joy in my heart (or cholesterol), and a bright, heavenly light appeared.  Four Cheeses on a whopper?  What could go wrong?

Well, really only one thing:  It was really messy.  I would not have wanted to eat that in the car, I would have been wearing all of it.

The burger is a 1/4lb patty with melted American cheese, and add to that a 3 cheese blend with cheddar sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onions.

It had great presentation, and looked similar to the pictures.

It tasted great, and was filling.  I was kinda surprised because it was only 1 patty.

I did get a large meal, which I probably shouldn't have, and the total came to 9.02.  I think the actual price for the regular size is 7 something, which nowadays isn't a bad value.

Once again Burger King has a winner on their hands, much like you'll have cheddar sauce all over yours.


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