I'm a big fan of Burger King.  I think they have better burgers than a lot of the other national chains.  It also helps that there is one right next to my work, and another 2 blocks from my house.  Today I stopped to get a burger.  My favorite in the last few months has been the bacon and cheese whopper, but this time I tried the A1 Hearty Mozzerella Bacon Cheeseburger.

So first off, I upsized my order to medium and it came to $9.59.  Nowadays, as sad as it is, that's about on par for a specialty fast food item.  So the price is steep, but that's just inflation.  (I remember when $4 could get you the same thing 20 years ago.)

It actually had a pretty good presentation.  The bun was firm, it had all of the ingredients it was suppose to.  The mozzerella is very noticeable, and the bacon is a thicker cut than normal.   The A1 gives it a zip that's a nice refreshing change in a burger.

Overall, very good.  Definitely worth a try.  And it's filling so it lives up to it's "Hearty" name.



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