A routine, short, one-day set of bridge inspections will bring temporary ramp closures to the area of the Twin Ports Interchange intersection (Can of Worms) on Monday, March 29. Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are working to get the information out to the general public in advance of the work.

The temporary ramp closures will happen at the interchange of I-35 and I-535 during the daytime hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. While the ramp is closed, drivers will be instructed to follow a signed detour that will be in place. Work is expected to be wrapped up within the listed timeframe - baring any unforeseen situations.

As with any road work, drivers are encouraged to use caution in and around the work area. You can also check out the Minnesota 511 page to get real, up-to-date information about this any road project scheduled throughout the state. Click here for all of the details.

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While the work will occur within the Twin Ports Interchange intersection (Can of Worms), it's not specifically tied to that project. The Minnesota Department of Transportation anticipates other road work (and potential closures) to be scheduled for that area - however, they will treat those as a separate event - even if the work and closures overlaps. MNDOT has been doing advance site prep for that project, with an eventual start to the work in earnest coming later this spring once the summer road construction season starts. They're encouraging the general public to follow their district social media page on Facebook for the latest information. Click here for details.

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