Congratulations to our friends at the Black Bear Casino for the world's largest hamburger in the Guinness World Records Book!  That's HUGE...the honor and the burger!!  Everyone in attendance got to eat a piece of history on Sunday, September 2.  There was enough to share, it weighed 2, 014 pounds!!  Here's how they did it.

Black Bear's efforts to make the gigantic burger paid off,  the previous burger record was 881 lbs. They used more than 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of sliced onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of American cheese topped off the burger.

Every time I hear of a food record being broken and finding their way into the Guinness World Record Book,  I wonder how they managed to accomplish the feat.  How do they cook something of that size?

Black Black used a giant outdoor oven equipped with four propane-fueled torches traditionally used for weed burning was specially engineered and constructed to cook the bun and burger.  Steel skillets spanning 15 feet were also constructed, and a crane was used to hoist and flip the giant burger and bun during the cooking and assembly process.

How about that bun? It was baked for more than seven hours and donated by Twig Bakery.

Guests were able to sample the burger at the Big Burger Bash and many said it was seasoned perfectly!!

Philip Robertson, adjudicator from Guinness World Records, was flown in to verify the world record.  He said he saw "remarkable teamwork that resulted in a world record burger that tasted really good."

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