It's been an odd few years. Alien sightings have become the new normal without anyone batting an eye when someone says they saw something spooky in the sky. There is talk of things in space we don't know of and of course, Bigfoot sightings.

Bigfoot sightings in our neck of the woods are really nothing new. There have been a handful of Bigfoot sightings over the years in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was personally spooked a few months ago when a Northern Minnesota woman claimed she saw the creature in Ely and gave a detailed description.

It looks like I have another reason to be a bit scared as I came across another Bigfoot sighting in the Duluth area. I came across this sighting on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website, which documents and looks into sightings across the country, including right here in the Northland.

I went to the website to see if there had been any recent sightings and sure enough, I came across one from early October of last year. The sighting happened the weekend of October 3rd in Carlton County, according to the report.

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The report says that the sighting happened at Jay Cooke State Park, where the reporting party was camping. It occurred around 3:30 in the morning, with the camper saying they heard "three, deep, loud, one-toned" noises and the knock of the tree. The camper also says it was not an animal or a human, as they wouldn't have been capable of making this noise.

Even spookier is the fact that the campsite was surrounded by trees and pretty isolated, with large rocks and trails on either side. As if hearing said noise isn't freaky enough, the camper says there was a "partial handprint" on her car door that was not from her and there was no one else near the campsite. Bigfoot, perhaps?

While you may not be a believer in the elusive creature, what I read next may have you thinking a little differently. One of the researchers who works for the website says that this particular Bigfoot report came about a month later and about one mile away from another one that he heard firsthand from someone he ran into while running errands. This in-person account was also about a sighting in Jay Cooke State Park.

The person he ran into told him that they had a Bigfoot sighting in the park while traveling through it with their friend, about a month earlier than the report from the lone female camper. The two were driving when they spotted a skinny tree swaying back and forth.

They were driving slow and when they approached the tree, they saw a figure "covered with black hair and a massive build" before it turned and went into the woods. This gives some levity to the sighting from the lone camper, as it was around the same time and in the same area, yet the two do not know each other or of each other's experiences.

Either way, it's pretty spooky that there have been two Bigfoot sightings in the Northland and in a popular place like Jay Cooke State Park. This isn't the first time there has been a Bigfoot sighting that hits close to home and it probably won't be the last. Nonetheless, the more sightings there are, the harder it gets to deny the mythical creatures, right?

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