There is absolutely no surprise here: there is yet another scam moving around the area.

According to a press release put out by the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are now posing as legitimate companies promising to up your credit score quickly.

A fake company called "Grand Teton" is noted in the press release. The report says that this company has tricked people into paying hundreds and thousands of dollars in return for fixing people's credit.

The company preys on victims using the internet, sales calls, emails and even text messages. The company promises "to boost credit scores by removing all negative items, among other things, from customers' credit reports." The company also promises to boost your credit score by adding the victim as an "authorized user" on other people's credit card accounts.

Apparently, those who signed up for the service did not get a boost in their credit score and when they approached said company, they were threatened with a lawsuit.

The FTC wants to warn people about this scam and this particular company but they also want to make sure you know that there isn't a quick fix when it comes to your credit score. They offer some tips on their website for those that do want to fix their credit score.

There seems to be a ton of scams going on across the Northland. Just about a week ago, a Minnesota woman was almost swindled out of thousands thanks to a lottery and sweepstakes scam going on in her area.

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