Scammers aren't taking any time off during the pandemic. In fact, they seem to be stepping up their game. Their latest target? The senior population.

The Better Business Bureau issued a nationwide alert recently to bring awareness to two different scams after receiving several reports from seniors about them.

Here's how the first one works: a senior receives a text message from the scammer, posing as an employee from the U.S. Department of Health. The text tells the victim they must take a "mandatory online COVID-19 test" to get a stimulus check. The test is a scam and used as a way to steal personal information.

The other scam in question is similar in nature. Seniors are receiving emails from scammers, telling them they qualify for a payment of some sort. They are directed to click on a link to claim a check and from there, their personal information is entered and stolen.

The main issue with this scam, according to the BBB, is that the texts and emails used by scammers seem legitimate as they pose as a government official. This makes the scam seem legitimate and in turn, causes people to fall victim to the scams.

It is important to make note of these two scams if you are a senior or you have one in your life. As always, never give away any personal or bank account information without double checking the source.

These two scams are just a few of many circulating around the nation amid COVID-19. Awareness is key to helping those in your life from falling victim to them.

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