This is a pretty simple recipe but it tastes great and it grabs the attention of your guests.  Here's how you start.

Take ground beef and mix it in a bowl with some cracker crumbs and an egg.  This is how you get it to bind together so it doesn't fall apart on the grill.  It's just like making meatloaf in this sense.  Add whatever seasoning you would like.  I prefer to use garlic salt and pepper.

Take a piece of meat and put a chunk of cheese in the middle of it.  Next, take an onion and do your best to peel of a layer in tact.   Stuff the meat into the onion, wrap it with bacon and use toothpicks to keep it in place.

It takes about 30-40 minutes on the grill, and you'll know it's done when the cheese in the middle starts to melt and rice to the top.

Wow some people with your backyard barbecue master skills!


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