Yep, we were dumb.  Not by choice, but the way things worked out, no one could go get our ice house off the lake last week or this weekend.  That, coupled with the fact that we had a ton of snow, then temperatures in the 50's made it a pretty bad mess.  And also the most harrowing experience I've ever had on a lake today.  I truly do feel lucky to be safe and back on land.  In the picture, it's a little deceiving.  There was about 4 inches of water in that spot, since the skids are completely submerged.

It all started this afternoon when I saw the weather forecast.  60 or near 60 the rest of the week.  I knew we had to get the house off the lake today.  I called up my fishing buddy Jim and we headed to Fish Lake.

Once we got to the lake, it was a definite sinking feeling in our stomachs.  The lake had a good 6 inches of standing water on top of the ice.  Plus there were several holes along the plowed road out on the ice that were getting bad enough, the owner decided to close it off.  After talking to him for a few minutes, he said we could get around the main hole if we were careful.

You can't describe the feeling of being on bad ice.  It's something you have to experience.  When you look over and you are driving on the ice and see holes in the ice with water rushing to the top, you have to do everything in your mind to not panic. Plus, with the thick fog today, we had a hard time even finding the house.

We got to the house, shoveled through some slush, and pulled it out relatively easy, until we got back on the road.  In hindsight it may have been better to pull it through the slush and stay off the road.  Either way, we made waves and plowed through the water.  The whole time the speedometer on my truck said 20 miles per hour.  My guess is we were only going abotu 5-10 miles per hour.

At one point we found that hole the guy was talking about.  It was under the water, and my tire went in and out with a huge bump.  Luckily it didn't give out, and we didn't get stuck in it.  Scary stuff.

We got the house out with minimal damage, considering how bad it could have been.  Lesson learned, 1st week of March, the house comes off.  No matter what!

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