It's basically about how this married couple still dates and keeps their relationship strong.   Are you doing the same?  Well for a lot of us it may not be that easy.

These articles are nice, and this isn't the first one with this theme that I've seen.  I 100% agree with the author Jarrid.   However, I'd like to know if they have children.

Children really change things up.  In his blog, he mentions quite a few things that you can't do when raising young kids.   In fact you don't really have much time for each other at all.   If you're a married couple with kids (or even unmarried) you'll understand.

So here's our nice things we do for each other if we can't go on regular dates. (FYI we have a 5 year old and a 2 month old.)

  • Let your spouse sleep in.  This is the best gift ever.  Keep the kids quiet and away from her.
  • Step in and change a blow out diaper.
  • Give them an hour to themselves.  Alone time when raising kids is just as good, if not better, than spending quality time with your spouse.  Sometimes, it just needs to be quiet.
  • Run and do the grocery shopping so she doesn't have to go with the kids.
  • Let the other nap...

So if you can't go on a date with your wife/husband, at least you can show your love in a much appreciated gesture.

Good luck parents, we need it.


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